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Pierre Neurisse, Studios in
France: Zao Wou-Ki,
commentary by Claude Roy

Jean-Michel Meurice, “Zao Wou-Ki”, in the ‘Art Vivant’ (Living Art) series, 16 mm colour film, Deroclès Production, Paris, duration 26 min..

Pierre Schneider, Zao Wou-Ki, in the "Champs Visuels" (Visual Fields) series, ORTF channel 2 Production

Robert Valey and Michel Chapuis, extracts from “Champs Visuels” (Visual Fields) ORTF Production

Herbert Kline, “Le défi de la grandeur” (The challenge of greatness), Worldview Production, Los Angeles, commentary by Orson Welles.

Claude-Jean Philippe and Monique Lefebvre, "Personnage de la vie’’ (Character in real life), 16 mm colour film, ORTF channel 2 Production, broadcast on April 7th 1974, duration 52 min.

Daniel Le Comte, "Ombre et Lumière’’ (Shadow and Light)

Angeliki Haas, "France Panorama, Zao Wou-Ki’’, commission from the Department of Foreign Affairs, Gaumont Cinema Production

Max Gérard, "Chroniques de la France, Zao Wou-Ki " (Chronicles from France, Zao Wou-Ki) commission from the Department of Foreign Affairs, Cultural Exchange Unit, Pathe Cinema Production

"L’aventure de l’art moderne’’ (the adventure of modern art) commission from the Department of Foreign Affairs, Carlos Vilardebo Production, Pathe Cinema Production

 “Sur Zao Wou-Ki” (About Zao Wou-Ki) Interview by Yusuke Nakahara and Michiyo Yokoyama, directed by TV Museum, Tokyo, broadcast October 30th 1977, duration 30 min     

Jacques Navadic, “Zao Wou-Ki, Portrait d’artiste” (Zao Wou-Ki, Portrait of an artist), presented by Liliane Thorn, Tele-Luxembourg Production, broadcast September 11th 1978, duration 28 min

Daniel Lecomte, “Ombre et lumière, Zao Wou-Ki” (Shadow and light, Zao Wou-Ki) documentary n° 2 in the “Regards sur la peinture abstraite” (Perspectives on abstract painting) series, TF1, broadcast July 25th 1979

Yves de Peretti, “Zao Wou-Ki”, for the Grand Palais, duration 30 min

Pierre Daix and Pierre-Andre Boutang, "Désir des Arts : Sur l’art chinois’’ (Desire for art : about Chinese art), ORTF Channel 2 Production, duration 26 min

Claude Hudelot and Pierre Muller, "Voyage à Hangzhou de Zao Wou-Ki’’ (Zao Wou-Ki’s journey to Hangzhou) Audiovisuel Production Unit, La Rochelle Cultural Centre, duration 52 min

TV Museum (n° 902), "Zao Wou-Ki – Locus of space": meeting with Zao Wou-Ki, Junji Ito, Tomoyo Abe, Fuji Telecasting, Tokyo, broadcast October 11th 1987

Apostrophes TV show by Bernard Pivot with Helene Carrere d’Encausse for “Malheur Russe” (Russian Misery), Gérard Gury for “Mémoires d’éléphants” (Elephants never forget), Zao Wou-Ki for “Autoportrait” (Self portrait) and François Olivier Rousseau for “La gare de Wannsee” (Wannsee train station) Channel 2 Production, broadcast October 21st 1988

Véronique Bonnet, “Zao Wou-Ki” (Zao Wou-Ki), TV report for Soir 3, broadcast October 23rd 1988

Zao Wou-Ki” (Zao Wou-Ki) TV report for Journal A2 (news on Channel 2), broadcast February 27th 1992

 “Zao Wou-Ki" (Zao Wou-Ki) TV report for FR3 Ile-de-France (local news on Channel 3) about Artcurial Exhibition in Paris, March 5th 1992

Liliane Thorn-Petit, “Portrait d’artiste, Zao Wou-Ki” (Portrait of an artist : Zao Wou-Ki), 1978 and 1993, Tele Luxembourg Production

Christopher Yeo, “Paris Rendez-vous”, Chinese version and English version, Singapore Broadcasting Corporation Production, broadcast May 28th 1993, duration 24 min

Alain Vollerin, "Zao Wou-Ki’’, meeting with Michel Ragon, Mémoire des Arts, Lyon-France Production, duration 43 min

 “Zao Wou-Ki, 40 años de pintura : 1954 – 1994” (Zao Wou-Ki, 40 years of paintings : 1954 – 1994), TV Mexico, Centro Cultural de Arte Contemporàneo, volume 1 includes an interview with Zao Wou-Ki by Pierre Schneider, volume 2 is the presentation of the exhibition

The Sixth Praemium Imperiale, Tokyo, Japan

150th "Portrait d’artiste” (150th Portrait of an artist) : Soulages et Zao Wou-Ki, October 14th 1994.

"Zao Wou-Ki, Soixante ans de peintures (1935 – 1998)’’ (Zao Wou-Ki, Sixty years of paintings (1935 – 1998)), Shanghai Museum, November 1998, documentary by Jean-François Cuisine, duration 31 min

LCI TV report, August 1999

Jean-François Cuisine, "Zao Wou-Ki, Lumières et couleurs sans limites’’ (Zao Wou-Ki, Lights and colours without limitation), production and DVD distribution by Jacques Arnaud – Franco American Films, duration 52 min

Richard Texier, "Zao Wou-Ki , Rouge très très fort’’ (Zao Wou-Ki, Very very bright red), movie made with a Nokia N95 mobile phone. Distribution in DVD format with a text by Christine Montalbetti, Biro Edition.

Gero van Boehm, "Les triptyques de Zao Wou-Ki’’ (Zao Wou-Ki’s triptychs), Interscience Film Gmbh Production, duration 26 min, broadcast May 17th 2009 on ARTE TV Channel